10 in 1 Multiboot Linux 32GB USB (Hacking, Pen Testing, VPN)
10 in 1 Multiboot Linux 32GB USB (Hacking, Pen Testing, VPN)

10 in 1 Multiboot Linux 32GB USB (Hacking, Pen Testing, VPN)

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Formatted and Installed on an 32 GB USB drive.

I also include some instructions on how to setup your computer to boot from USB. 
This USB works independent of Windows or Linux. 
You should have no issues if your computer was made from 2011-Current and is 64bit processor. 
If you have a Mac please specially request those instructions as the boot setup is different.
All are the latest versions available as of June 2018
Get 10 of the most popular Linux distributions on one easy to use USB drive.
Simply boot from USB and select your OS from the menu
  • Secure your computer and network
  • Browse the Tor Network aka darkweb or deepweb
  • Penetration Testing for Security Professionals
This wide assortment of Linux distributions covers the full spectrum of what is available from the open source free software community. All software is free to use, there are no subscriptions or restrictions on any of the software. This USB can be used on as many computers as you like.
USB includes:
Tails OS 3.7
Parrot OS 4.0.1
Kali Linux 2018.1
Backbox 5.1
Redcore 18.03
Weakerthan 6.12.09
Bugtraq 2
Cyborg Hawk
Ophcrack for Windows

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